FEMA Flood Maps for Bryan, College Station and Brazos County

FEMA Floodplain Maps (DFIRM)
Federal Emergency Management Agency Floodplain Mapping


New FEMA Maps effective April 2, 2014

FEMA has published new maps which will become effective April 2, 2014 concluding a multi-year “Physical Map Revision” effort. The five new maps are panel numbers 205F, 215F, 220F, 305F, and 310F (links to maps below) — as well as a new Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and a new Map Index for the all Brazos County. The map changes incorporate changes to Carters Creek and Bee Creek due to updated engineering studies as well as the Bee Creek Channelization Project from recent years.

This joint website page has been prepared through the coordination of and for the Cities of Bryan and College Station, and Brazos County.



Newer Maps Mean Safer Communities

These maps are important tools in the effort to protect lives and property.  By showing the extent to which specific areas, neighborhoods and individual properties are at risk for flooding, flood maps help business and property owners make financial decisions about protecting their property.  They also enable community planners, local officials, engineers, builders and others to determine where and how new structures and developments should be built.

Also, please be aware that the new floodplain maps and information are not permanent. As more accurate information becomes available, these maps are updated through official procedures with FEMA — such as Letters of Map Revision (LOMR).

The ongoing US congressional legislative efforts to repeal or delay “Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act” approved by US Congress in 2012 will have many implications. Contact your insurance agent regarding additional insurance coverage, options, and premiums.  Additionally, you can contact this NFIP Region representative at (425)417-3159.



The Maps

All of the following maps and documents will be the current effective maps.  The “revised” dates are the initial dates when the maps initially became effective. The FEMA map update effort previously referred to as “Map Modernization” produced the maps that became effective May 16, 2012.  The maps below which end with the letter E remain currently effective.  The subsequent FEMA map update is referred to as a “Physical Map Revision” which produced the updated maps that will become effective April 2, 2014.  These updated maps below end with the letter F and are indicated with the red star.

Floodplain Index Map (Click on this to find the panel number your property lies within)

D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0025E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0050E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0075E
D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0100E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0125E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0150E
D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0175E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0185E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0195E
D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0200E * D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0205F D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0210E
* D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0215F * D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0220F D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0250E
D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0275E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0285E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0300E
* D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0305F * D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0310F D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0325E
D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0350E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0375E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0400E
D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0425E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0450E D-FIRM PANEL 48041C0475E

Flood Insurance Study Report – April 2, 2014


Map Updates in Small Defined Areas

May 16, 2012: Current maps went into effect.
April 2, 2014: Carter’s Creek and Bee Creek Letters of Map Revisions to take effect.
May 9, 2014: Still Creek and Cottonwood Creek Letters of Map Revisions to take effect.

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